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 · Giving blood is SAFE! People become blood donor heroes everyday! Great effort is made to collect blood under completely sterile conditions.  Our goal is to ensure that the donor experiences a comfortable and safe experience – every time!

 · Your health is a priority – so all prospective donors are asked to truthfully answer questions to determine that the donor doesn’t have health issues that might make donating blood dangerous for them.

 ·  Next, we will conduct a short physical exam, checking the donor’s blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and iron levels.

 ·  Based upon the findings during interview and physical exam, potential donors may be asked to come back again at a later date (temporary deferral) or to avoid donating blood entirely (permanent deferral).

 ·  Donors that have been cleared to donate, are taken to the donor area where they are seated on a comfortable chair. After the Phlebotomist locates a surface vein in the arm, the skin on top of the vein is cleaned and made germ-free. A needle is expertly inserted into the vein, and over a few minutes about a pint of blood is collected into a non-reusable plastic bag.

 ·  When the bag has filled to the proper level, a few tubes of blood are also drawn that are to be tested for various germs in order to ensure the safety of the blood. After the needle is removed, the donor’s arm is bandaged. Finally, the donor is given some instructions and can leave after a few minutes of rest and an awesome snack!


That’s it! You become a HERO in a matter of minutes for Making A Difference!

We’re always glad to see you!  

"Bud Drop" at ACS Event in Kerrville

1436A Sidney Baker St. - Kerrville, TX 78028
Hours & Days of Operation
Monday - Thursday
8AM-1PM | 2--4PM


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